COD-MW Tournament

2v2 WarZone Kill Race

BEST OF 2 GAMES (Total Kills)

(Xbox, PS4, and PC TOGETHER!)

Friday, June 19th

6:20 PM est. Start

$40 2-Man Team Entry


Competition will be split up into “A” and “B” Divisions. “A” Division is the most competitive and advanced division, while “B” Division is more of an intermediate division.


1 Seeding Game to determine seeds. This seeding game is determined by Kill Count, not Win or Loss. If you quit the game before the other 2v2 team finishes, then you will be automatically be last seed and the other team will automatically be Top Seed.

Objective: Teams are competing to accumulate the most amount of kills within a match. The team with the most amount of kills will win the game. This means that if your team has 20 kills and your opponent has 10 kills, your team would win the game.

Tie Breaker: A tie in kills results in a replay of the game. For tie-breaking situations, the map may be replayed until a winner is determined.