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Player Testimonials

"I can't begin to explain how your league is the best in New York from the highlight videos to the good competition and the fact that you guys actually care about the feed back of the players and not just taking the money and not caring, like most ."
- Nick Rubino from The Renegades

"Man this is seriously the MOST FUN thing I've ever been a part of! From the way the league is ran, to how players are handled, to the cool technology and social media aspects, and just their overall attention to detail, this is by far and away the best ran, most fun and awesome sports league I've ever experienced. I'm a Legend for life."
- Hector from The Spartans

"Only league where you can find weekly highlights and a top 10. Always puts the players first especially for scheduling needs."
- Justin Thorn of The Ducks

"LI Legends is by far the best Flag Football League on Long Island. They really do a phenomenal job on and off the field. Whether you're playing in a full season or one day tournament, the competition is always fierce and the player service is top notch, not to mention the great referees. Off the field, the league excels with their use of social media and weekly highlight videos of all the games and top plays. Every other sports league I've been in before dont even come close..."
- Cheeze from The Skulls

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