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  1. LI LEGENDS SUMMER 5-MAN and 8-MAN FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUES -- Summer 5-Man and 8-Man Flag Football Leagues begin Sunday, July 26th (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER A TEAM)

  2. LI LEGENDS COMBINE -- Compete against other players in the same position group as you in individual skilled drills and competitions. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

  3. PUNT, PASS, and KICK -- Each participant gets 1 punt, 1 pass, and 1 kick. Scores are determined from where a participant's punt/pass/kick first makes contact with the ground. Bounces or rolls do not add to the score. If a participant tries to punt, pass or kick and misses the ball completely, it does not count as an attempt, and another attempt is allowed. (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)

  4. WIFFLE BALL LEAGUES -- We have decided to launch Adult Wiffle Ball Leagues, offering both Men's Competitive and Adult Co-Ed Recreational Divisions. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

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