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2024 Summer Weeknight League
Wednesday Nights
Begins Wednesday, July 10th

Start Date: Wednesday, July 10th

Time slots = 6:15pm, 7:15pm, 8:15pm, 9:15pm

Weekly Highlights

Team Fee: $500

5-Game Regular Season

Field located in Deer Park!

Booth Review: 2 Challenges per game
Refs = $40 per game

(Click here for full list of rules for the league)

#1. If you play in "C" Division or lower, no other player on that team can play with you in "D" or "E". If you play in "D" Division, no other player can play with you in "C" or "E". If you play in "E" division, no other player can play with you in "C" or "D". You can have as many of the same players as you want on "A" and "B" Division, but if it is all the same players, the QB has to change.

#2. Players submit rosters before Week 1. If the roster changes throughout the season, it must be communicated to the commissioner. Players require 2 games to be eligible for the playoffs, with exception of the commissioner exempt list, which may carry late season added free agents or IR players. You are allowed a maximum of 2 IR players per team. The players must actually be injured as well.

#3. The only flags we will allow are Pop Flags. Please be prepared to have pop flags before Week 1. We will not be selling Pop Flags. The standard pop flag belts have 2 pop flags on each side, not 3.

#4. Players are required to bring some sort of identification with them to the fields, in case they are drawn into question if they are on the team roster or not. This will allow the referee to check the roster list to the person's name, to make sure they are actually on the respective team playing that day. Players won't have to show their identification every week, unless drawn into question. Players must play 2 regular season games to be playoff eligible, unless deemed commissioner exempt.

We do our best to prevent forfeits. Just know if your team must forfeit the day of or night before the game and we cannot respond and make appropriate changes to fill the slot, we will ask for the regular referee fee of $40 as a "forfeit fee" to give to our referees for being there for the hour and no game happening. $20 goes to each referee for that game slot. 

Pop Flags look like this:

LI Legends Flag Football League - Long Island, New York
Long Island Legends Flag Football League
Long Island Legends Flag Football League
Long Island Legends Flag Football League
spring weeknight reg
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